--------------------------EDITOR MODE

-space bar: instantiate a road, if your press again changes the direction if it's posible

-R: rotate road direcction.

-M : flag (only in road sprites)

-C: start the race ( works only if  a flag is in the game)

--------------------------RACE MODE

- direcction arrrows : move Player1 (red)

-a,w,s,d:  Player 2 (blue)

-9 reset

This game was made in one week as challenge for me to keep improving my skills in Unity, this time using the 2D.  The Editor mode has some bugs and some roads should not appear like that. Please consider to take a time to get use to the controls and remaind that you can't restart easly with  "9".


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Nice idea, i've had problems putting bends in the road sometimes though.

thanks! I should probably upload an update fixing some things.